Our planet needs change
Change needs collaboration
Ideas need action.

We are a proven vehicle for delivery, for bringing together the people and experiences and ideas that have made uncommonly great things happen.

We enable the people to work together to solve the problem. We are at our best when we turn collaboration into action.


We exist to make cross-council collaboration happen. We’re here to turn the priorities and ideas of the smart and impassioned people that choose to serve their cities and regions into action.

In 2012, it was recognised that many of our regional councils were coming to the end-of-life of their existing software products and that a relevant replacement was not available on the market. The decision was made to develop a partnership consisting of six regional councils to collaborate and design, specify and build software to suit our specific needs.

And so, Regional Software Holdings Limited (RSHL) was created. The company operates by facilitating collaborative initiatives between councils and through managed contractual arrangements. Some councils are both customers of RSHL and providers of service to RSHL.

RSHL is governed by a Board of Directors made up of our ownership councils – Waikato Regional Council, Northland Regional Council, Taranaki Regional Council, Horizons Regional Council, The West Coast Regional Council and Environment Southland Council.


Regional Council Collaboration

RSHL operates the ReCoCo programme for the regional sector.

RSHL supports several regional sector collaborative programmes.

  • Regional Sector Office
  • Sector Business Plan
  • River Managers Programme
  • ReCoCo Technology Projects
  • EMaR Programme
  • Bio-Managers and Bio-Control Programmes

We manage the funding for these programmes and provide portfolio, project, vendor and contract management services.


The IRIS Programme delivers the IRIS software platform to shareholder and customer councils. The IRIS software has been in use for eight years and is currently in use at seven councils. These councils actively collaborate on the use of IRIS and the future development roadmap.

The very high level view of IRIS is that it is a core application system supporting the people, places, business objects and workflow process for core council regulatory functions. It integrates with, but does not duplicate, other core councils’ line of business applications and tools including GIS, EDRMS and Financials.

IRIS Next Generation

The IRIS software platform will need to be replaced within the next 2-4 years.

IRIS Next Generation (NextGen) will be cloud based with better online and mobile features. IRIS NextGen will be more efficient for staff and customers.

RSHL is working with the regional sector to identify the IRIS NextGen solution and develop “good practice” processes for the sector.

Ma tini ma
mano ka
rapa te whai.

Many hands make light work. Unity is strength.

We are

Made up of the six councils below, each has council staff who are responsible for the governance and management of RSHL.

We currently are made up of a Board of Directors, Advisory Group, General Manager, IRIS Project Manager, ReCoCo Project Manager and administration and financial services support.

Meet the

Tania Monk

Product Manager


Mark Donnelly

Coralie Gibbison

Mike Nield


White Papers

RSHL regularly publishes new and updated resources for the Regional Sector. Check back for updates. If you have any questions about the material provided here please contact info@rshl.co.nz

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